black suits me the best ..

Hai lovers,

This time i come in a different way ! With a simple dress , high heels, channel bag and a hat. All in one colour, "Everything black" ! You can wear this outfit for a dinner an event or to drink something with friends !
The Dress , my own creation , is my favourite for this summer ! The dress has a very beautiful pattern and style and i'm trying to make all the colours in this pattern .

This week im going to work with my blogg, I'll bring some combination for august and september. I can't wait to finish and then bring them to you my friends!I hope that this can help you a little bit ! 
And dont forget BLACK looks great in hot days too !

"there's no other color more elegant,more bold,and more beautiful than black"


Have a nice weekend guys. 

Thank's to my friend Odetchie for the shooting :)



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