Tuesday, July 28, 2015

with a white long vest .

Hello darlings :),

Im back again,this time with a simple outfit,but with two details which I'm in love with.
1- the vest,which is my own creation :)
2- Adidas SuperColor (love at first sight).
I decided to combine these two details with a Zara crop top and flaws Asos jeans.Of course with my hat on,that makes me feel like Milano Street Style,even though I'm only going out for drinks with some friends XP. 
I hope like this post & outfit (for sure) , as much as I do...


-thank's to my friend,Nadja for the photoshoot & sure,no filter XP.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Boho Style !

Hey hey :),

Actually,on this post of mine I have decided to bring to you some details of Boho Style,
which is one of my favorite styles and I promise that most of the posts will be about this style
 (I'm working on it XP).
The skirt is one of my best buys,and I feel so comfortable with it on,~(you can find it at Pull&Bear).
I firstly thought I could wear it with a T-Shirt,but I found this designed shirt which it happens to match the skirt. The sandals, are also one of my best buys of this summer,~(you can find them at Stradivarius) and the must have accessories which are always on my outfits.
Of course,I could not forget the famous tourban,~(you can find it at Stradivarius) :).

Hve fun guys & enjoy !


PS:Thank's to my sissta for the photoshoot & No filter No lipstick XP

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Accessories Feelings!

                                                    Hi lovers!                                                                                                                                    
 First of all I hope you're having a good summer :). I finally found some time to make this post. Anyway,this post has to do with the miracles that makes accessories in a dress. I suggest you to wear a long dress or no,and not to stay mainstream to the brief just simply put in the wear a lot of accsesories. I made this in this post. I hope you like this and why not try it...