Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeling So Blue.

Hola Hola.
First, Im so in love with my new color hair. I just adore them! Also with the dress and my new Adidas Superstar. This combo is so simple for a coffe or smth else,this is up to you!
I wore it for a coffe and just stoped and made some shoots for my blogg.
I hope you like it,guys!



See you soon :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"The Roman Stola"

Hey Lovers, How are u doing?!

In this post Im coming with my new roman stola inspired by
"Ancient Roman"

This post has to do with something different , the stola it is coated with short jeans 
but you can choose something different like a long skirt or anything else , inspired by
the ancient womens of Roma I decided to make something similar. Now im letting you gyus
see the photos and of course judge it.

I adore this outfit i hope you to!!



Friday, August 14, 2015

OMG! I'm so V I N T A G E !


I love playing with styles so in my everyday routine when I decide to wear vintage style I mixed it with modern or classic and that's what I am serving you in this post. A self-made skirt inspired by the color and a beautiful white crop also self-made (I should be proud of myself shouldn't I? ). And the cheery on top,the vintage bag which makes the look more stylish. I dare you to try this combination of styles and hope the photos of this post will help you with this challange. 
Just remember a skirt,a crop,a bag and a turban can make it 
P E R F E C T.

See you on the next post,perhaps with a different style...


1- Skirt-Made by me
2-Vintage Bag-LUCIA
3-White Top Crop-Made by me
4-Zara shoes
6-Hermes bracelet
8-Gold tattoos !

See you soon,guys!
Thank's to my friend Enxholina for the shooting :)