Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh .. dat S T Y L E !!!

I wish I cloud stay with this style forever in every moment of my day.
I adore it! As much as I adore this style I also love this shiny leggings of Lolitas ( you can find on IG @lolitas_boutique) ,they are so comfortable and stylish for every moment of the day, I suggest you to have a pair of them! What about my Ponny t-shirt!? Adorable isn't it? You can find this t-shirt too at Lolitas Boutique. 
And now I'm leaving you guys to check out my photos for more details and I will go out with my besties to drink smth with my fav outfit :D ! 

Shiny Leggings-You can find @lolitas_boutique on IG also Poni T-Shirt.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Socks and Tutu !

What about Socks? 

Do you like socks as much as I like them? My fav ones are the blacks ones with white drops and they couldn't look better with my black Zara shoes. I have choosen for these items of mine a black tutu made by me and my white H&M shirt,where I decorated with a black ribbon. The right choice for this outfit too is the black H&M jacket..
Ahh..yes,and my purple hair,do you like them??
Anyway I am opened to all your questions about this combo.

See 'U Babes !

Have a nice weekend all of you ...