Friday, May 22, 2015

Fell in love with...

So in love with me new dress!! Hmm as you can clearly see the post has to do with the dress. I fall in love at first sight as soon as  I saw it at the online page, and directly ordered . so finally  is mine :D ! Ok, I put the leather vest that gives the rock style ( H&M vest ) & with H & boots too.
Givenchy bag (my favorite one) is part of the combination. i think that  My hairstyle is best with the dress or combo. So this dress is so practicial and modern too. You should definitly have it in your wardrobes . Why? Cause is so phucking stylish :D


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Addicted to Kimono :)

hi lovers! 
I am back again with my new post! I am so sorry for not being to active on my blog but i am so occupied with my exams! I promise when I am done with my school I will be more active with my posts! Anyway let's move on to the most important thing my outfit for today! This outfit today is dedicated to all the fringe kimono lovers out there! Hope you like my posts and I will come back with much more new trends! xoxo <3



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

" Rock&Roll " Style

Hey loves,
I am back again with my new post,the difference this time is that I am coming with my prefered and my most suitable style,Rock & Roll. I could not wait to wear my short pants with my leather jacket and of course my prefered boots. It is one of the wearings that I feel great and of course stylish :).

The combination of the short jeans,from the 90's  with a quadratic T-shirt makes the outfit super stylish,we sholud not forget to put it also a black shirt with motives and a leather jacket on top of it (it's a must) which will make you feel a rock star girl .