Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Saturday Morning

Hey guys,
Today post is about this amaizing trousers (love at first sight).
I like this combination of trousers with my white t-shirt & my gorgeous "sandals".
Also,I was wearing denim jacket,LV mini-bag & my VB sunglasses.
So,this combo it makes the outfit super-duper casual,for a saturday morning :),

1. H&M trousers
2.H&M "sandals"
3.H&M denim jacket
4.White T'shirt my own creation
5.LV mini-bag
6.Victoria Beckam mirror sunglasses

PS:I thank a lot my little sissy for the photoshot :) 


Monday, April 13, 2015

Short hair,I don't care !

Hey loves! My post today is all about my new haircut #Lol and my outfit for sure. I'm not really good with words but I'm trying to do my best...I was wearing , this trousers that's my own creation ,with this amaizing jeans-shirt ,and my new Zara shoes. I have choose this bag with the same color of my shoes.,Let's not forget my Fendi sunglasses ,the H&M black coat and my famous hat :P ...

I hope you will enjoy my outfit of today :) ! 

My face here #LOL 

                                                                     #MuchloveforUguys  !