Monday, November 9, 2015

Colored My Monday.

hey hey...

How are you? I really hope you all are well and I hope you find some time to check out my blogg XP . This time I am going to fill your day with colours. Except my two coloured hair green-blue the place I choosed to take my photos is so colourful  and it looks so well with my outfit! Anyway,I felt in love with ''Radio Bar'',so comfortable! Let's go back on my outfit now.Today I wore a red leather jumpsuit made by me ^_^ ,that matches with my male shirt from Zara.Why did I choose this shirt?! Definetly from the Vespas on it !! This outfit matches perfectly with my vans to bring as much harmony as I can on outfit ...

Now I have to leave and drink another coffe at ''Radio Bar'' but sure with another outfit XP..

Bye Bye , XoXo ...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am into Stripes .

Hello my lovers how are 'U doing?

The winter is coming but this doesn't mean that in your wardrobe should miss a "jumpsuit"so special and practic,for an evening is the right selection ! I already have my "jumpsuit"!!
I can even wear it on two versions,First with one t-shirt and second without a t-shirt,practical or nah?!

Anyway the reason that I like it so much and can't stay without sharing with you is that this "jumpsuit" is created by Fashion Designer Stella Sallaku (You can find heron IG @maison_stellasallaku ). I'm so happy that now this "jumpsuit" is part of my wardrobe!!

A lot of kisses !