Favorite Outfits

Hello everyone. I am here with my first post, and I'm so excited...... :)
I hope you will enjoy my outfits that you can also find on my Instagram account. 

Outfit Details: 
1. Alexander McQueen Scarf
2. Oversized Coat (MaxMara inspired)
3. Matching Hat
4. Chanel over the knee Boots
5. Givenchy Backpack

Outfit Details:
1. Lisa Simpson Sweater
2. Tartan Skirt
3. Tartan Tie
4. Retro Sunglasses
5. Oversized Cardigan

Outfit Details:
1. Bambi T shirt
2. Chunky Boots
3. Givenchy Tote
4. Zara Yellow Blazer
5. Stripe Pants
6. Christian Dior Sunglasses




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