I created my own D&G !

"I created my own D&G"
Hey there people how are you doing with this cold winter? First of all I wish you a great & STYLISH year :D ! So,I am here again ready for my new post! Here we go..
This time I have decided to create a costume to wear it and be comfortable too in events or when I go out with my friends to drink a glass of wine ! And if you want too can wear the jacket with jeans or pants and a shirt to make smth special and stylish! You can be very noticed and remembered with this awesome costume,belive me I saw it myself haha LOL!!

Thank's to https://www.instagram.com/dimal.al/ ,Dimal shop for this amaizing fabric!
They have supported me since a year ago and I have found myself in their fabrique,to create my own stuff !

Soon I will post some new photos and I hope I can inspire you guys! 

XOXO,a lot of kisses :)



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