Between Autumn and Winter ...

Halow Babes..

So,my advantage is that the weather in Tirana is S U P E R!
It seems like is still spring and not winter.
Anyway,let's go at the importance of my writing,my clothing! This time I have choosen a grey leather skirt and I have weared it with a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket. I have choosen this jacket to make the clothing look like a Rock&Roll style! I feel so cool in this style! 
Ah,let's not forget my black leather Zara boots, my fav. ones from the new collection!
I'm leaving you guys to check out my photos ,and I promise on my garderobe XP , that I will be more activate on the days ahead 'cause I have so much NEW clothes that I don't know what to post first!! :D


Zara boots.
Chanel boy bag,
Bershka T-Shirt,
Dior sunglasses,
Leather skirt made by me,
Bershka Accesories
MAC lipstick !

another side.. 

A lot of KISSES !


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