Uhhh,the most prefered colours on my hair !

Hey lovers how are you ?

 I think 'u are bored as everyone else for the fact that summer has ended  and school days started!
Have I missed you here XP?!
Anyway back on the game!!!  I am coming back in a really simple style but the details that I've prepared for you guys and my new haircut makes it really special. Check it,what do you think? :)
Ahhh,I can't forget the supercolour addidas sneakers, very adorable and comfortable too. So stylish,you should have a pair of them in your closet. While I am waiting for my new colours to come :D, h a p p y !!!
So,my colourful two-colored hair are a lovelife. It makes you feel so special. Belive me I am serious about this! I wish I had the chance to keep them forever like this but I know myself,I would definetely make smthng else to my hair! LOL ! I hope you like the harmony created in this look.

Hope you are great guys and see you on my next post! XOXO



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