Spring is here , as well as my combo !

After a long time here I am posting again,I just couldn't resist to this beautiful                                 weather. I was thinking to wear an outift with different colors,and I found it a good                   excuse to expose my new clothes (shopping in Greece XP) .

-The trousers like a dress at the end,mixed black and white,I thought
to wear with this t-shirt to the spring motivation.
(Instead to this you can wear even a jeans shirt)
           The shoes,the same color to your fur,give them a trendy style(in the case of my combo)       
Of course,I wouldn't forget the accessories like the hat,necklace and the Chanel bag.
Cladding is completed when we put on Victoria Beckam mirror sunglasses.Every detail is in acorddance to each-other,So lets go On XP !

PS:No filter needed  XP



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